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Best Water for Houseplants

“What type of water is best for my houseplants?” is a very common question in the plant care world. To the beginner plant owner, this might not be an..

Plant Spotlight: Halloween Alocasia

Creating an eerie ambiance in our interior spaces is a favorite part of the Halloween season. Besides the flickering candles, corner cobwebs, and..

Ideas for a Fall Comfort Basket

Fall is here and along with it comes all of the comforts of the season. Fall is a time when the busyness of summer slows down and we return to more..

Fall Care for Houseplants

Although it may seem like the trees’ leaves, the Starbucks menu, and the transition to sweater weather are the only things changing in fall, your..

Plant Shelf Styling 101: Max vs. Miles

So your window sills, side tables, and counters are filled with plants? Now it’s time to take your green decor to new heights and adorn the shelves!..

Plants for the Classroom

The school year is the perfect time to focus on how we can observe and utilize the plants that surround us to learn. There are several ways plants..

How Plants Help Us Relax

Celebrate National Relaxation Day on August 15th! No matter who you are, a little R&R is an important health consideration that can help you focus on..

Sunny Plants for Summer

Summer is upon us and hopefully we’re all enjoying warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine. As we love to soak up the rays during the summer..

Summer Decorating with Plants

The summer season is here! Summer can be a busy time for many of us as we partake in vacations, extra activities and get-togethers. While we’re so..

5 Things to Do With Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time we say goodbye to the gift of traditional ties and coffee mugs. While gifts are nice to give,..