We’re shouting from the rooftops that employees should be appreciated and recognized every day! But did you know that there is a special holiday designated for celebrating the hard work of the workforce? Employee appreciation day is March 4th and is right around the corner. A great place to work shows employees that they are valued which can, in turn, increase employee engagement and create a more enjoyable place to work. There are many ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and one of them is thanking employees with plants for the office or their home workspace!

Plants for the office

Whether you are working from home or in an office space, adding indoor plants to the place where you spend 8 hours a day at the grind is a great way to boost mood and productivity. And P.S. plants have even been shown to reduce stress. Who doesn’t need help with that sometimes during the workday?! While any plant would make a great gift for your employees, there are certain plants that might be more appropriate for certain people’s plant skill levels and office settings. Check out some of our favorite plants for the office!

Phaleanopsis Orchids

Orchids come in many different shapes and sizes and so many enchanting colors. These beautiful plants will add a spark of life to any (dare we say drab) workspace. Even better, orchids are easy to care for so they won’t add to your employees' already busy workload. All an orchid needs is some bright, indirect sunlight and moderate indoor temperatures to be happy. Full-size orchids can simply be watered with 3 ice cubes or ¼ cup water, once a week - so easy! Long-lasting orchid blooms can be enjoyed for up to 2-3 months and even rebloomed with proper care. 


If you know your team member’s workspace is a little dim in the lighting department, no worries. There are some indoor plants that can still grow in low light. Pothos is one of the most popular house (and office) plants, due to its easy-going nature and attractive foliage. It can grow happily in a setting with low to medium light. They are quite hardy, grow quickly, and can withstand varying light levels! 


If you know that your team's office space enjoys plenty of sunlight, you may want to gift employees a sun-loving plant. Succulents love the sunshine and their sunny and cheerful appearance will brighten up anyone’s desk (and mood). Succulents not only love the light but also require very little care. They like to dry completely between waterings and may only need to be watered once a month.

Snake Plant

While most houseplants often live a few months to a few years, there are certain indoor plants that are known to persist for decades, like the snake plant! Gift your employee a plant that will grow with them throughout their career! The humble snake plant (Sansevieria) is one of the easiest indoor plants to maintain. It can thrive in all levels of indirect light and needs very little water, so it’s perfect for an office environment. While the average snake plant tends to live for five to ten years, many plant owners can attest to their longevity and have had their snakes plants for 25 years or more!

If you’re looking to treat a large number of your team members to an Employee Appreciation gift, think of small plants like mini succulents or mini orchids. If you only have one or two employees to treat, consider a fun gift basket with a Max & Miles plant, a gift card to their favorite coffee spot, and maybe some tasty office snacks - and don't forget a thank you note!