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Is My Orchid Underwatered?

Much of the conversation around watering orchids is devoting to making sure your plants don’t get too much water. However, not getting enough water ...

What's Causing My Plants to Lose Leaves in the Winter?

It’s winter, and that means less light overall and lower light quality. This usually means dormancy and maybe even a little leaf drop.

How to Fertilize Orchids

Max is all about embracing the bold, beautiful blooms on your orchid, but blooms fall and then it’s a waiting game for them to come back. One way to ...

How to Keep Houseplants Healthy for Fall and Winter

Miles is known for being chill, but when the chill is reflected in the weather, it’s time to make a change to your foliage and succulent care.

Premium Money Tree Product Sheet

Money Trees are said to bring the owner good luck and prosperity, making it a great decor item or gift for Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.

Foliage & Succulent Variety Guide

Our foliage and succulents are popular low-maintenance plants. Use this handy reference guide to quickly identify different varieties.

Pet-Friendly & Air-Purifying Plants Guide

Make sure your customers know which of our plants are pet-friendly and which have air-purifying qualities. Keep this handy guide for reference.

Premium Bromeliad Product Sheet

The bromeliad adds a bright pop of color to any living space. These handy guidelines to display these beautiful tropical plants and maximize sales!

Anthurium Care Guide

The Anthurium is celebrated as the world’s longest blooming plant, and it’s also one of the easiest plants to take care of!

Outdoor Houseplant Guide

When the weather outside is bright and beautiful, you may be tempted to bring your indoor plants outside to enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

Premium Orchid Product Sheet

The premium orchid is a perfect gift for any occasion. Learn how to keep yours healthy and maximize sales.

Mini Orchid Product Sheet

Mini orchids are adorable and easy to care for, making them a quick purchase. Discover how to display them to maximize sales.

Tabletop Orchid Product Sheet

Tabletop orchids are easy to care for and display. Discover how to showcase them to maximize in-store sales.

Mini Succulent Product Sheet

Mini succulents look great on coffee tables, shelves and kitchen counters. Learn how to create irresistible displays with your mini succulents and ...

Premium Succulent Product Sheet

Premium succulents are versatile and easy to care for. Discover how to delight your customers and maximize premium succulent sales.

Premium Foliage Product Sheet

With premium foliage, your customers can transform any space into a paradise! This product sheet will help you create beautiful displays and maximize ...

Jumbo Orchid Product Sheet

With its big, bold blooms, the Jumbo Orchid is a conversation starter. Learn more about how to care for and display Jumbo Orchids in your store.

Orchid Ice Watering Guide

You might be wondering if watering orchids with ice is actually safe for them. The answer is, "YES!" And we have the science to prove it.

Foliage Care Tips and Benefits Guide

Foliage houseplants add natural beauty to any space. They have air-purifying qualities and, best of all, are easy to maintain. Here are a few simple ...