If you’re houseplant obsessed, like us, you may already know that January 10th is National Houseplant Appreciation Day. As if you’re not already appreciating your houseplants every day, there is in fact a special day dedicated to celebrating your favorite leafy friends! This fun holiday couldn’t come at a better time of the year. After the Christmas and New Years’ holiday decorations come down, your space may feel dreary and bare. National Houseplant Day serves as the perfect excuse to dress up your home with a cheerful houseplant or two!  So what exactly is Houseplant Appreciation Day and what are some ways you can celebrate? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to celebrate this awesome day!

What is National Houseplant Appreciation Day?

Is that even a question? Houseplants deserve our appreciation every day! They do so much for us without asking for much in return. Plants have known qualities that purify the air in our homes. Did you know? Having 2-3 plants for every 100 square feet of your living space can make a difference in air quality! Studies have also shown that the calming effects of nature can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. There’s no question that houseplants have immense physical and mental health benefits to those who own them. 

4 Ways to Celebrate National Houseplant Day


1. Purchase a plant. 

Although this is an obvious way to celebrate the day, it might also be the most fun! If you don’t own a houseplant, run to the closest H-E-B and purchase a Max and Miles plant! We promise you won’t regret it. Here are our recommendations on the best houseplants for beginners. 

  • ZZ Plant
  • Pothos
  • Sansevieria
  • Spider Plant
  • Anthurium
  • Money Tree

If you are already a proud plant owner, consider a new addition to your collection. Have you been eyeing the plant section at H-E-B lately, but end up telling yourself you have too many plants already? Quiet that little voice for one day and celebrate houseplants by giving one a home! 

2. Pamper your plants.

Spend the day giving your current plant crew some extra TLC. Wipe and dust plants leaves, trim or prune where needed, check to see if any plants may be getting close to needing to be repotted. Learn how to spot the signs of when it’s time to repot and how to give new life to your indoor plants. Also consider buying some special plant food, if any of your plants are due for fertilizing. There’s no better way to appreciate your houseplants than to make sure they are well cared for.

3. Refresh your decor with plants.

Rearrange your plants and enjoy them in different spaces in your home. Just make sure the lighting and temperature conditions are similar in the spot you’re moving the plants to as plants can be sensitive to even slight environmental changes. Also, consider new decorative pots to dress up your plants and accent your existing decor.

4. Do something planty.

Buy a fun new watering can, mister, or humidifier. Try out a new plant hanger or plant stand. Entertain yourself with a new plant-themed book. Educate yourself on the origins of your favorite houseplants. There are so many ways to appreciate and celebrate the plants that bring us joy each and every day.

However you choose to celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day, we hope that you and your plants have a wonderful day!