Succulents have a reputation for being “easy to care for” plants- lots of light, minimal water, and they’re satisfied! But what happens during the dreary winter months when the sun seldomly makes long appearances and your succulents get out of their growing groove? Many houseplant varieties, including succulents, take a short growing hiatus in the cold winter months. Less sunlight and cooler temperatures make for a much-needed adjustment to their typical care routine. We outlined the most common succulent care mistakes made in the winter and how to avoid them to keep your succulents thriving throughout the season!

Most Common Winter Succulent Care Mistakes

Mistake #1: Not providing enough light.

Sunlight can be scarce throughout the short winter days, so it’s especially important to provide your succulents with a sufficient amount of light. 


Find a spot near a window that has access to plenty of natural light, south or east-facing windows are ideal. Although succulents will not need as much light as they would in the summer, aim to give them at least 4 hours a day. If you don’t have a windowsill that receives enough light, it’s time to invest in some grow lights. There are many affordable LED light source options on the market that will help supplement your plants’ needs. 

Pro tip: Check to make sure your succulents aren’t stretching or reaching for the light. This is a sign that they are in need of more light exposure and need to move.

Mistake #2: Overwatering.

Resist the urge to “over love” your succulents during the winter months. Because succulents are not actively growing during this season, they do not need as much water. As if they weren’t already low maintenance!


Always let your succulents dry out between waterings. Watering once every 4-6 weeks during the winter should do the trick! You’ll know they need water if the soil is completely dry and the leaves are starting to wilt. 

Mistake #3: Cold exposure.

Be cautious of where you place your succulents. Setting them near a drafty window during a wintry cold spell could be their demise!


Check for cold drafts before setting them on any old windowsill. If you notice any frozen condensation on the inside of your window, it’s not a good place for your plants to live. 

Succulent Success

With the knowledge of these three rookie mistakes, you and your succulents won’t need to stress this winter. If you have made any of these succulent winter care mistakes, know that it’s okay and we are here to help! Reach out to our plant care team on Instagram or Facebook with a photo and a description of your plant’s current care routine and environment and we will do our best to help your plant succeed!