The summer season is here! Summer can be a busy time for many of us as we partake in vacations, extra activities and get-togethers. While we’re so busy enjoying all that summer has to offer, we might not have the time to dedicate to sprucing up our homes. Summer decorating inside and outside of your home doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. We’ve put together a list of our top tips and ideas for decorating with plants for summer.

1. Pare Down Decor

Less is more for summer. Clean, open and airy rooms speak to us during the summer months. Summer is a time for decluttering and minimal decor. Save the extra decorations for the Fall and Winter months when we’re spending more time indoors to enjoy them. The easy and simple additions of live plants around the home could be just the boost of freshness you need for the summer. Place a potted plant in your guest rooms to greet summer visitors or replace your dining room table decor with a simple and elegant orchid. Go a step further to minimize clutter on your surfaces with these vertical decorating ideas with plants that will keep your tables, counters and dressers clear!

2. Vacation Oasis

Whether you’re spending time this summer traveling to exotic destinations or not, with the right decor elements and a lot of plants, you’ll be able to pretend you’re on an island getaway right at home! To achieve those island feels in your home, incorporate vibrant splashes of color with pillows, linens, wall art and smaller decor elements and throw in a piece of rattan or bamboo furniture. Embrace the bright light coming through your windows during the summer months and use white and beige colors as a base for decorating to help your space embody those light and airy beach vibes. To achieve the perfect vacation oasis at home, fill your space with lots of plants - think palms, monstera, alocasia, calathea, orchids, bromeliads and philodendron!

3. Red, White and Blooms

If you’re feeling extra patriotic this summer, consider displaying red, white and blue plants in your home or outdoors at your next BBQ. Bold red bromeliads and anthuriums can be paired with white orchid blooms and blue watercolor orchids. If this combo isn’t to your liking, any plant can be incorporated into a patriotic centerpiece or table display. Stick a small American flag into your plant pot or have kids paint and decorate plant pots with stars and stripes. These decked-out plants make great hostess gifts as well for your July 4th or Labor Day celebrations.

4. Colorful Summer Table

Nothing says summer like a bright and cheerful table set up with lots of color! Whether you’re having friends over for a casual lunch or setting up for a summer party or cookout, impress guests with an eye-popping table display. When decorating with plants, consider a pop of color from a vibrant orchid or bromeliad which can take center stage on your summer table. Mix in some green beauty with lush foliage and succulent plants. Coordinate with colorful placemats or tableware. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns!

When decorating with plants this summer it’s important to take note of any special care they may need during these warmer months of the year. Check out our Foliage and Succulent Summer Care blog and Summer Tips for Orchids and Tropicals.