There’s no such thing as too many plants, right? But maybe you have a hefty collection of plants and you’re running out of places to put them. Whether you live in a small home or you just need to maximize your current space, vertical decorating with plants could be the answer you have been looking for! 

What is Vertical Decorating?

Vertical decorating is using wall hangings, ceiling hooks, shelves, and other vertically-oriented objects to take advantage of the vertical space in your home. Not to mention, it helps declutter the surfaces of your dressers, counters, and tabletops. You’ve probably seen this technique used for kitchen storage or book collections, but it’s a great way to show off your houseplants too! If you’re looking to bring life to your small space, check out the best plants for dorms and apartments and try out some of these vertical decorating options. 

Treat Yo’ Shelf

Shelves aren’t just for decor and books. Adding plants to shelves can bring texture and life to your walls. Try adding tall plants to your higher shelves so they have lots of room to grow upward and low profile plants to shorter shelves for them to trail downward. 

If you aren’t able to hang shelves or want to try something different, use the steps of an upcycled ladder as shelves for your plant babies. 

Succulent Wall Hangings

Take your wall decor to new heights with a succulent wall hanging. Plant your succulents in a framed tray with hex wire netting and landscape cloth to keep them in place while they are hanging on your wall. Succulents make for great vertical plants, because of their hardiness and slow growth. Check out this in depth DIY video tutorial on how to build a vertical hanging succulent garden.

Let’s Hang Out

If your shelves are already full, move on up to the ceiling! Suspend your plants from above by using ceiling hooks. Macrame hangers or sturdy rope can serve as a decorative addition to your hanging pots or hanging baskets. 

Hook It Up

If drilling a hole in your ceiling isn’t your forte, you can use plant hook stands to suspend your plants. Plant stands with multiple hooks allow for maximum usage of your space and can easily be moved between indoors and outdoors. 

Vertical Garden Ideas

There are many great ways to maximize your small garden space. You could have your own personal herb garden right at your fingertips while cooking in your kitchen. All you need is a couple of wooden rods, curtain rod brackets, and curtain rings! Check out this tutorial on how to bring your herb garden indoors - without taking up any counter space.

Outdoor herb gardens can be achieved by using hanging pots, wall planters, step ladders, or even shoe organizers! The shoe pockets are the perfect size for growing individual herbs or veggies. Take a look at how to turn a shoe organizer into a bountiful vertical garden.

Go Vertical

Have you already taken advantage of your vertical space for your plants? Whether you are just moving your plants to shelf, hanging plants from your ceiling, or creating a vertical garden, these ideas and tips are sure to take your plants (and home decor) to the next level - quite literally.