Whether you’re moving into a college dorm or you just leased your first apartment, settling into a new space is both exciting and overwhelming. There is so much to handle when you move to a new place. From unpacking all of your belongings to setting up your new home, this quick guide will help you select the ideal green roommate - the perfect houseplant for your dorm or apartment. And if you’re doing distance classes this semester, these plants will look great as a backdrop for your video calls!


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Jade succulents are easy to care for (just don’t overwater!) and make great indoor plants for dorm rooms and apartments. Jade plants love lots of bright, indirect sunlight, so place them near a sunny window and water them sparingly. They are very drought resistant and will only need to be watered once every few weeks. 

Jade’s glossy round leaves in a deep green hue are beautiful and will complement any decor, especially in Miles’ adorable pots! Jade is also seen as a lucky plant, so maybe it will be a big help around finals time. This good luck symbol also makes Jade a great candidate for celebrating your first apartment.


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Orchids are beautiful and sophisticated, perfect for striking out on your own and adulting it up. If you have a window in your room, that’s enough sun for your orchid, and they only take three ice cubes (or ¼ cup of water) per week to stay healthy and happy. Keeping orchids in your dorm room is a great way to boost your mood and reduce stress!

Orchids also make a great addition to a home office in your apartment or home. They look great on video calls and you can humble brag about how easy they are to keep thriving. 


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Super easy to care for and great for purifying the air in small spaces, Sansevieria or Snake Plant makes an ideal plant for a dorm room or apartment. It hardly needs watering, so it’s great for forgetful (or just busy) people rushing from class to class. Snake Plants aren’t too picky when it comes to light levels. They thrive in moderate to bright light, but will live happily in low light conditions too!


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Perfect for adding a pop of bright color to your dorm decor, the Bromeliad is an easy care plant that thrives in low to medium light and likes to have a drink just once a week. If you’re going for a bohemian chic dorm decor vibe, look no further than this rainforest beauty.



An easy-going classic plant choice that can add trailing green vines to your space. Whether you place your Pothos on a bookshelf or let it hang out in a macrame hanger, these plants can survive in many different levels of light and prefer to be watered about once a week. These plants are perfect for beginners and experienced green thumbs alike!

Money Tree


Need some luck in your life? The Money Tree is also called “The Good Luck Tree” as it is a popular plant choice for Feng-Shui enthusiasts! They are said to bring luck, wealth, and vitality to your home. These humidity loving plants only need about 6-8 ounces of water every three weeks and like to hang out in a bright space with indirect sunlight. While we can’t guarantee this lucky charm will help you ace your next exam or job interview, they can help purify your space from harmful toxins!

Small Space Decor Guide

If you find yourself considering the Orchid, Money Tree, and Bromeliad more, you might be a Max! Max is bold, bright, and the life of the party. 

Try decorating with things like: 

  • Bright pops of color
  • Bold accessories
  • Coordinated colors 
  • Accent walls (if you’re allowed to paint or hang tapestries)
  • Elegant artwork 

And if you can’t get enough of that gorgeous greenery of the Jade, Pothos, and Sansevieria, you’re more likely a Miles, so try: 

  • Tapestries and wall hangings
  • Bohemian decor
  • Comfy cushions
  • Mix and match patterns

Show Off Your Decor

We can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the place. If you take home a new plant from Max and Miles for this semester, show us on Instagram when you tag @maxandmilesplants