Spring has sprung and whether you’re ready to tackle some deep cleaning around your house or maybe just spruce up your living space a little, spring is a time to perk up your surroundings. Houseplants are the perfect way to bring fresh new life into any space in your home. Nothing says spring like new growth, fresh greenery, or a pop of cheerful color. Read on for some fun tips for decorating with houseplants from the Max & Miles collection this spring.

Green is the new neutral.

Great news! Green goes with anything when it comes to the décor in your home. It doesn’t matter what paint color is on the wall or what décor style your room is rocking, there is ALWAYS a green plant that will coordinate with your space. Adding pops of green to a bedroom corner, kitchen counter or sunny side table will automatically add life to the space. Max & Miles foliage plants come in all shapes, sizes, and shades of green. If you’re more of a Miles personality, laid back and relaxed foliage is right up your alley. When decorating with houseplants, add height to an area that needs some visual interest with a statuesque sansevieria or top a shelf with some trailing ivy or a pothos plant.

Nothing says spring like a pop of color.

Add a pop of spring color to your home with an orchid, anthurium, or bromeliad. These tropical beauties are a favorite for you Max’s who like to make a statement with bold color. The color of your plant can accent your walls and furnishing colors if you’re already living in a sea of color. Don’t fret if your space is more in the neutral zone, a bright and colorful plant can be just the touch you need to spice things up. Make a bright flowering orchid the centerpiece at your dining table or add a welcoming anthurium (which by the way is a sign of hospitality) as an accent in your entryway. 

Check care needs.

When decorating with houseplants, it is important to take note of the care requirements of the plants you’re using. Make sure the location of the plant is receiving the correct amount of sunlight and room temperature that it needs. The good news for your plants is that spring means more daylight hours and more sun streaming in through those windows! If your room isn’t receiving the best light, consider low light tolerating plants like ivy, pothos, sansevieria, dieffenbachia, and spider plants. For other spring care tips for your plants check out this blog post.

Decorating outdoors.

As the weather warms up you may be thinking about taking some of your plants outside to spruce up your outdoor space. Max & Miles plants make perfect additions to a porch or patio table or look darling decorating a deck. Plants make perfect natural decorations for an outdoor party spread or casual mealtime tablescape. Things to keep in mind are that unless you’re decorating with succulents outdoors, your plants will not like to be exposed to direct sunlight. Just like us, they can get a sunburn! Also, make sure that outside temperatures do not dip below 55 degrees F at night or your plants may go into shock in the chilly air. 

We hope you have fun sprucing up your space this spring with Max & Miles plants. Share your spring plant decorating ideas and photos with us on Instagram - @maxandmilesplants!