We believe that plants help you show off your unique style and personality. It’s why we developed Max & Miles as a collection of two styles: Max is bold and bright, while Miles is more subdued (but no less fun)! The best part of Max & Miles by H-E-B is that you can mix and match to your heart’s content to find the perfect blend for your style. 

While our plants are a great way to show off your personality with striking leaves and blooms, there’s another factor to our collection too: pots! This month, you’ll see your Max & Miles faves nestled into an all-new collection of pots to further show off your sweet style. 

To give you the inside scoop on our pot choices and let you peek behind the scenes of the Max & Miles team, we talked to Andy, the H-E-B Blooms Design and Development Manager. 

He’s a big fan of the Max & Miles by H-E-B line, saying (and we quote), “I love the variety and how healthy the line is.” You heard it here, folks - we grow great plants! 

Why New Pots? 

This is the second collection of pots for Max & Miles. Why do we change things up each year?

Andy says, “We refresh the pots for the Max & Miles line annually to keep things fresh and trend forward. We follow design trends globally to keep everything in the Blooms Departments up to date with the styles, patterns, and colors that our customers want to see.”

Out of so many trend-forward pieces available, how did the team decide on these particular pots for the new launch? Does Andy have any favorites?

Andy was excited to share, “I love the footed aspect of the pots in the Max collection. I have always loved footed pieces. And the color choice is neutral and will fit in any home or office.” 

We love them too! Whether you’re a Max or a Miles, these pots are stunning and we can’t wait to collect them all. 

2020 Lookbook