Make Your Own Pebble Tray for Plants

It’s a known fact, as the weather turns colder, the air in your home gets drier. The more your home is heated by a furnace or heat source, the dryer the air. Just like us, our plants get uncomfortable with the lack of moisture around them. But unlike us, our plants aren’t able to slather on moisturizer or extra conditioner. Help comfort them this time of year by boosting the humidity in your home.

How to increase humidity for plants:

Most plants originate from tropical jungle environments that boast humid conditions. Your home in the winter months is anything but. Keep plants happy and healthy by upping the moisture in the air. You can do this by investing in a humidifier, misting (this is a lot of work and the effects are temporary), or getting a little crafty by making your own humidity tray for plants.

The benefit of a DIY humidity tray over a humidifier is... the appearance! While they’ve come a long way, let’s face it most humidifiers are nothing special to look at (and not to mention a pain to clean to prevent mold growth). A pebble tray for plants can be a calming addition to your decor. With peaceful and tranquil vibes, your plants will feel like they’re at the spa when perched on their own pebble trays.

To make a pebble humidity tray you just need three things:

  • A shallow tray or platter
  • Decorative stones (like for a fish bowl) or marbles
  • Water

Here’s how to do it:

  • Place a shallow layer of stones in the dish
  • Add enough water to cover the stones about halfway
  • Place your potted plant on top of the stones

How does a pebble tray for plants work?

The water sitting in your pebble humidity tray will slowly evaporate, creating a more humid surrounding to the plant or plants sitting upon it. The pebbles hold the plant up out of the water to prevent it from getting soggy. Plus, as a bonus, you can probably find these items at a dollar store for less than $5 total. You can use brightly colored stones, clear glass marbles, smooth black river rock, or anything else that fits your decor and style.

How do I know if my plants need more humidity?

You will notice dry soil and leaves if your plant is low on moisture. The most obvious sign is brown edges on leaves, but yellowing leaves are also an indicator of needing more ambient humidity in the plant’s location. If a plant seems like it’s too dry but you know you’re watering enough, humidity is probably the necessary adjustment to make!