Are you searching for the perfect gift for the plant lovers in your life? We gathered a list of gifts that any plant lover would love to receive this holiday season! 

  1. Plants- The obvious gift choice for any plant obsessed person is, of course, more plants! The next time you make your way to your local HEB, pick up a Max and Miles plant. Between the bright and bold orchids and the flourishing foliage, there are plenty of options to choose from that will bring a smile to your favorite plant lover’s face! 
  2. Macrame Hanger- For the plant lover who is starting to run out of room in their indoor jungle or needs to keep their plants away from their furry friends, a macrame hanger is the perfect way to optimize space and display plants in a fun and unique way. Find the Max and Miles macrame hanger at your local HEB.
  3. Plant Mister - Many houseplants love and crave the humidity that they would typically receive in their natural tropical environments. Regularly misting the leaves and the surrounding air around your plants will help boost humidity and keep them thriving!
  4. Moisture Meter- For the plant lover who isn’t sure when they watered last (or has too many plants to keep track of), a moisture meter will help ease the stress of knowing when to water next! This moisture meter measures the level of wetness from 1-10, so you know when your plant is thirsty or when it has had too much to drink. 
  5. Watering Can- Every houseplant owner needs a watering can! This watering can is both decorative and functional, making it a great gift for beginners or plant experts alike. 
  6. Propagation Station- For those who are wanting to take their plant obsession to the next level, this propagation station provides a great place to showcase plant cuttings and watch them grow!  
  7. Houseplant Poster- This A-Z houseplant poster will make a great addition to any indoor jungle, office, or kid’s room! Learn the different plant variety names and keep your walls decked out with all things plants! 
  8. Plant Doormat- For the plant lover that needs to warn their guests before entering that “there’s like a lot of plants in here”. This handmade doormat will look great at their front door or as an indoor accent piece!