Hey there, Max and Miles here to help you bring out the beauty of fall in your home with your favorite plants from Max & Miles! Whether you’ve just brought a new plant baby home from your local H-E-B or you’re jazzing up your existing assortment of plants, we’ve got ideas to bring the magic of the season to life in your home. 

Mix and Match Plants

You can make an amazing display of houseplants just by combining different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes from plant to plant. To bring in some autumn vibes, look for red and orange anthuriums, bromeliads in all colors, and coral and yellow orchids from Max’s collection. For a touch of interesting texture, look at the different succulents from Miles’ side of the table and add some deep hues of green from the different foliage options like a Zebrina with a touch of purple or a Peperomia with light green variegation. 

Make a Mantle Display

Showcasing a plant on your mantle or shelf is the perfect way to draw attention to it. The red leaf crown of a bromeliad or a pop of bold fall color from an orchid or anthurium  makes an ideal choice for a Max-style autumn mantle display. Combine a colorful plant with some orange mini pumpkins, a colorful leaf garland and some carefully placed pinecones for a fall mantle that will last well into December.

For a true multi-tasking decor feat (i.e., for all of you with a Miles personality), choose red and white blooms to transition from fall to Christmas decor in a snap. Just change out the pumpkins and leaves for a clear vase of ornaments or decorative wrapped gifts and your display is good to go through the new year! 

Pair with Contrasting Colors

When in doubt, make your plants stand out by giving them a point of contrast. Whether it’s your planter pot that serves up a contrasting color, the background wall color that makes the plant really pop, or your plant’s specific positioning in a room that allows it to contrast the other décor, give your beautiful plants the chance to shine. The way in which your plant interacts with its surroundings can make a big difference in how noticeable — or not noticeable — it is in a room.

Show Us Your Plants 

We want to see your own fall decor with houseplants. Show us on Instagram when you tag @maxandmilesplants in your post!