So many of us are looking for ways to improve our physical and mental health. What if we told you there’s a simple way you can do both, right in your own home! That secret? Get some houseplants. 

It’s true – owning and caring for houseplants can make a huge difference to your health. One study shared that people who spent just a few minutes in a room with several houseplants felt happier than those who spent time in a room without plants. 

Like some popular hobbies, like going out to eat, riding a bike or walking, gardening can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

According to Psychology Today, researchers have found that plants and other forms of nature (both indoors and outdoors) have positive effects on us. It can reduce stress, create stronger memory retention, reduce PTSD symptoms, improve symptoms of ADD and ADHD, make use more creative and improve our self-esteem. 

Many of us transitioned to working from home during the pandemic and have continued to do so, leaving us alone and without a lot of human interaction. Having something to care for, like plants, makes us feel needed and gives us purpose. One professor says that talking to our plants can be comforting as well! Since we talk to a lot of non-human things every day, like dogs and cats, plants can fulfill that need to connect to things outside ourselves.  

Plants aren’t just good for our mental health though; they can improve our physical health as well. Many foliage plants are actually air-purifying, meaning they take in nutrients as they grow, removing things in the air to make our homes healthier.  

You can also find plants to keep at home that remind you to care for yourself. Aloe vera has soothing benefits and the scent of lavender or eucalyptus is calming, whatever you need – you can find a plant that offers it or reminds you of it. 

Plants also expand our knowledge, by learning how you care for certain plants, you can feel your knowledge grow, regardless of if you have a green thumb or not. There are many houseplants that don’t require a lot of care, so you can care for them, without having to get worked up about their care.  

While indoor houseplants have a lot of health benefits, don’t keep your love for greenery limited to only inside your home! Gardening is another great way to improve health! Fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, and fresh fruits and veggies to help improve your diet are just the start of the benefits of tending a garden.  

Let us know how plants improve your health, we’d love to hear your tips!