Plants, like people, can sometimes be intimidating. We know that it can be exciting and nerve-wracking to decide it’s time to bring home your first plant. You’ve decided to add some green to your space but aren’t sure exactly where to start.  

Maybe you want something low maintenance that doesn’t need much water or light. Maybe you want something that can fit on your desk or a bookshelf. Whatever your needs are, we have a plant for you!  

To be helpful though, let’s look at some of the easiest plants to care for that are great for beginner plant moms and dads.  

1. ZZ Plant: This guy is arguably the easiest indoor houseplant you could have. While they are beautiful and make a statement with their upright growth, they won’t be causing any problems for you. ZZ plants can tolerate bright, indirect light, and also lower light. They also don’t need water that often. Within their roots are rhizomes (think potatoes!) that store water! You can water this guy 1x/month and have success.  

2. Sansevieria: Also known as a Snake Plant, this guy is easier to care for than a real snake. Like ZZ plants, sansevieria grows upright, giving it a fun, unique look compared to other foliage. It tolerates most lighting situations well but avoid direct light if you can, so the leaves don’t burn. When it comes to water, 1x/month is good too. 

3. Peperomia: There are tons of varieties of this guy, so you can truly bring home whatever style fits your home, but no matter what you choose, you likely have a low maintenance friend. Peperomia leaves, like succulents, store water. The waxy texture makes this plant standout too. Water just when the soil is dry and enjoy this beauty!

4. Spider Plant: If you want something fun, a spider plant is a great place to start. The cream and green leaves hang over the pot and will hang even further as it grows! These plants do well in hanging baskets too because of how they grow. Water when soil is dry and admire the beautiful drapery that comes with a growing spider plant and get excited to see your green thumb in action when this plant sprouts new pups!  

5. Succulents: Grouping these together because there are so many varieties, but they all have one thing in common, they don’t need much! Succulents tolerate bright, indirect light and store water in their leaves, so water isn’t needed often at all. They come in tiny sizes too, so they make great décor to add to even small spaces! Plus, if you like somewhere warm, they can make the journey outside with you when it’s warm!  

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