Father’s Day approaches, and it’s time we say goodbye to the traditional tie or new wallet. Think outside the box, and find out what really suits dad this Father’s Day. Is he a Max or a Miles? Take this quiz to find out, and then choose an ideal gift to suit his personality!

Take the Quiz!

When it comes to planning a family outing, dad prefers to…

  1. Fly by the seat of his pants and do what seems fun at the time
  2. Plan out a detailed itinerary for the occasion

When dad fires up the grill, he’s more likely to…

  1. End up making too much and inviting the neighbors over to help eat it all
  2. Have just the right amount of the top choice items from the grocery store

Dad is more likely to grab this shirt out of his closet…

  1. A faded tee that is well broken-in
  2. A bold Hawaiian print button up

What does dad prefer to watch on TV?

  1. Something that makes him laugh
  2. Something with a bold, dramatic plot arc

When dad is in a party with a lot of new people, he…

  1. Tends to enjoy the energy without being front and center
  2. Makes new friends and becomes the life of the party

Interpreting Your Results

It’s no exact science, but add up your answers. More “1” answers means dad is more of a Miles, while more “2” answers means dad is a Max.

Miles goes with the flow and is more relaxed and carefree, while Max is bold and likes to make a statement.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

If dad is a Miles, consider these gifts:

A houseplant: Our Miles collection includes a variety of succulents and foliage, perfect for the dad who would appreciate a low maintenance plant buddy. Great foliage plants for beginners include Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Spider Plant, Pothos, and Peperomia.

An air fryer: For when dad gets a sudden urge to make something tasty but doesn’t want the mess of a deep fryer.

Kabob grilling baskets: Get a couple four packs so there’s plenty for the neighbors.

Outdoor decor: Like these velociraptor garden sculptures, because if you can’t re-enact Jurassic Park in your own backyard, what’s the point?

If dad is a Max, try these on for size:

A tropical plant: Max’s collection of bold and beautiful orchids, money trees, anthuriums, and bromeliads stand out and make a statement. Just like dad!

A multi-tool: This brilliant little gadget is perfect for the dad who is always prepared. Its streamlined profile makes the big reveal even more impressive.

A hot sauce kit: So dad can show off his culinary skills and also knock your socks off with his chili pepper prowess.

This cool globe thermometer: It’s practical, elegant, and sure to be the center of attention.

Happy Father’s Day

To those of you who are dads, or who are celebrating your dad this month, please have a happy Father’s Day!