Mother’s Day is almost here! Whether you’re celebrating one of your first Mother’s Days as a parent yourself, spending some quality time with your mom, honoring a friend or mentor who has always been there for you, or treating yourself for being an awesome plant mom, we’ve got some ideas to recognize and celebrate all of the mother figures in your life.

Mother’s Day for You


Do something that makes you feel peaceful. Whether that means you go get a massage that you’ve always talked about, take an uninterrupted hot bath, go shopping for the day, or enjoy an afternoon nap, find an activity that will bring you some rest and relaxation.

Treat yourself (and don’t feel guilty about it).

Buy that outfit you’ve been eyeing up, make a special trip to Starbucks and get that special drink, buy yourself a new Max and Miles plant on your next trip to HEB, or better yet, book yourself a much-needed vacation! Whatever it is, you deserve it!

Do something fun with your family.

Spend some time with those who love you the most and after all, made you a mom! Do something that the entire family will enjoy like going on a bike ride, soaking up the sun at a local park or beach, or having a movie night together.

Mother’s Day for Mom

Share her favorite meal.

Take mom out to eat or prepare her favorite meal at home. She’ll love that she doesn’t have to cook- guaranteed. 

Plan a day trip together.

Explore a new place that she’s been wanting to visit. Take a ride to a local botanical garden, winery, or museum. Wherever you go, she’ll appreciate the time spent together.

Inspire a spa day.

Pamper her at home with an assortment of salts, scrubs, masks, and other bath products, or book a mani/pedi for her to enjoy.

Mother’s Day for Friends

Send a card.

Let your friend or mentor know you appreciate them and think they’re an awesome mom! A simple note in the mail could make anyone’s day!

Watch the kids.

Offer to watch the kids for a few hours so they can enjoy some time on their own. Even if she just goes out to run some errands, a little time of freedom can help her relax and recharge. 

Give the gift of a new hobby.

If your bestie isn’t already a plant mom, give her the gift of a low-maintenance plant to spark a new hobby! Snake plants, ZZ plants, and succulents are perfect for first time plant moms!

Mother’s Day for the Plant Mom (and the aspiring plant mom)

Celebrate your success.

Woohoo! You haven’t killed your plants (or at least you’ve kept most of them alive). Taking care of living things is still a challenge that should be celebrated, even if your kids are green, leafy, and can’t talk back.

Pamper your plants.

Spend some time appreciating your plant collection. Clean their leaves, prune back any yellowing or dead stems or repot them into fresh soil (only if they’re ready though)..

Adopt another plant baby.

Of course, the best way to celebrate being a plant mom is to grow your family and adopt a new plant baby! Take a stroll through the plant section and find a plant that makes you happy. If you’re an aspiring plant mom and new to the plant parent game, follow these 4  tips when picking out your newest addition.

  1. Start small- Find a low-maintenance plant that is best for plant beginners. 
  2. Know their needs- Do your research on the plant. Set your plant up for success by knowing exactly how much light and water they need to thrive.
  3. Ask for help- There is a great big world of plant lovers who have been in your shoes and are willing to give loads of advice! Don’t hesitate to send us a DM @maxandmilesplants and we’d be happy to help guide you on your plant parenthood journey!
  4. Have fun- Choose plants that bring you joy. Know that you may have a few casualties along the way, and that’s okay! Keep growing with your plants and have fun taking up a new hobby!

However you choose to spend Mother’s Day, we hope that it is special for you and the moms in your life.