The Best Indoor Plants for Pet Owners


For those of us with pets, taking care of our four-legged friends is pretty simple. Food, water, exercise, play. But what happens when it comes to introducing the benefits of indoor plants to your space, if Fido or Fluffy tends to explore and nibble where they shouldn’t? Never fear, there are many indoor plants that are safe for cats and dogs who might take a bite out of something new in your home.


Max and Miles both have options to take care of your fur babies when it comes to choosing a new potted plant for your indoor junglescape. Remember, even if a plant is non-toxic, it may still upset a pet’s stomach if ingested.



  • Phalaenopsis Orchid: Our potted orchids come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they make an elegant and classy addition to your home. They definitely make you look like you have all your stuff together. Probably.
  • Bromeliad: Our buddy the bromeliad is an exotic and colorful plant great for brightening up your apartment
  • Money Tree: The money tree is celebrated for its good luck properties - so maybe you’ll get lucky and your cat won’t try to munch its leaves.





  • Echeveria Succulent: Classic instagram worthy succulent that your pets can safely boop and explore.
  • Curly Spider Plant: This fun plant is easy to care for and makes a beautiful green addition to any indoor space where you want a natural touch.
  • Peperomia (Rubber Plant): With its rounded leaves and friendly appearance (we know, it’s weird, but we think it looks so excited to be here!), the Peperomia is another plant that is thought to bring good fortune.
  • Parlor Palm: The parlor palm is a leafy bit of foliage that adds a nice textured plant to your collection for the perfect #shelfie.


The Sansevieria (snake plant) is considered toxic, but they taste pretty bad and most pets leave them alone, so they may be okay for your home if your pets tend to mind their own business! You can also choose a plant hanger to keep your leafy friends out of Fluffy’s reach.


Foster a plant today to see how it gets along with your pets.