Whether you’re a bold Max or a chill Miles, fall and winter is the time of year when we just want to be cozy and warm at home. This is a natural season for rest and recovery, and it’s important to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself now that the days are shorter and we experience a natural decline in activity. This blog post will outline ways to help your plants and yourself make the most of winter care! 

Turn On the Light 

It’s hard to get enough sunlight for you and your plants in the winter, thanks to gray skies and short days. But you can both benefit from added light indoors! A full spectrum LED light for your plants and a light box for you can help everyone thrive inside this winter. Max’s bold blooms will appreciate the boost and Miles’ succulents and foliage will thrive better with some extra light. 

Stay Warm

Keep plants away from vents, windows, and doorways to avoid drafts and temperature shifts than can cause stress and damage. And be sure to wear socks and snuggle up in your favorite blanket to keep things cozy! 

Run a Humidifier 

A humidifier is a winter must-have for both your foliage and your skin.Remember that Miles’ succulents like it dry so they do not need a humid environment. If you run a humidifier or keep plants in the bathroom for extra humidity, keep succulents in another room. 

Stay Hydrated

Check the soil for moisture and water foliage when the top inch is dry, which may be every ten days to two weeks in the colder months if you typically water weekly in the summer. For succulents, you might be able to go a month or more -- water when the soil is totally dry. Keep yourself hydrated too.

Rest and Recover

Fall and winter are natural rest periods for plants, and they don’t grow much in this season. So don’t expect to see a lot of new leaves or shoots this winter and keep up your care routine to see your plants flourish in the spring. The fall is also a natural time for you - yes, you, a human person - to rest and recover too. Cut yourself some slack for not being as social or active when it’s cold outside, and be restful like your favorite plants. 

Stay Cozy!

We hope these tips help you stay rested and cozy this winter and set you up for plant parent success.