So your window sills, side tables, and counters are filled with plants? Now it’s time to take your green decor to new heights and adorn the shelves! What better way to spruce up your walls, than with plants and accessories that reflect your personal style. If you want to make a statement with your shelves, follow these design tips from Max and Miles to create the perfect plant display.

Shelf Styling Tips from Max


  1. Go bold - In true Max fashion, going bold is easy to achieve by adding a bright bromeliad or a vibrant orchid to your shelves. These plants alone will give your shelf a pop of color with their showy blooms. In addition to your bold plants, try adding a statement piece of decor, such as a painting, framed photo, or a quirky knick-knack!
  2. Play with patterns and textures - Add distinctive patterns to create a dynamic display. One easy way to do this is to place your plants in different Max and Miles pots or find plants with fun leaf designs such as the calathea lancifolia. 
  3. Mix it up - Periodically mix up the decor that you choose to display. Find new pieces to showcase, buy new plants, or rearrange the entire display to keep things fun and exciting!
  4. Use conversation starters - Find an eclectic or meaningful piece of decor that can act as a conversation starter when you’re showing off your newly updated decor at your next social gathering.

Shelf Styling Tips from Miles


  1. Stay balanced - If you’re a Miles, you appreciate balance in your life. Decorate with an array of varying heights and sizes. This helps create a balance that is visually pleasing to the eye. Try placing shorter foliage or succulents next to taller plants and avoid grouping items together that are the same height.
  2. Keep it neutral - Use a neutral color palette to create a subtle, relaxed look. Layer in your foliage to add a natural green pop of color.
  3. Less is more - Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. When there is less displayed, it allows the focus to move towards the items on showcase and gives each item greater importance.
  4. Go with the flow - As a Miles you're already a go-with-the-flow person, so why not make your shelves the same? Place vining plants, such as pothos or ivy, on the outer corners of your shelves. The cascading green foliage will make your space feel even more carefree. 

Whether you are Max or a Miles, adding plants to your shelves will help create a visually appealing display while showing off your personal style. Share your styled shelves with us @maxandmilesplants on Instagram!