Every good Texan knows that there’s not much you can’t find at your local H-E-B store. As shipping deadlines dwindle down, checking off those last few gifts from your list this year might mean a trip to the store. At Max and Miles, we believe plant gifts are the best gifts. Since you can find us exclusively at H-E-B stores, we suggest picking up a plant (plus a little something extra) for all those hard to shop for folks on your list. From gourmet food gifts to stellar stocking stuffers, here are our top picks for the last-minute plants and gifts to grab at H-E-B this year.

Coworker: Snake Plant and Coffee

We’re all for filling our workspaces with greenery and any opportunity there is to share the love of plants with others, we’ll jump on! Gift that favorite coworker or supportive boss a plant gift they can enjoy at work or their home office space. Gift them a plant that will grow with them for potentially the rest of their career! While the average snake plant (Sansevieria) tends to live for five to ten years, many plant owners can attest to their longevity and have had their snakes plants for 25 years or more! How rewarding for your gift recipient to convert their snake plant from an office plant to a houseplant upon their retirement!

Pair your Max & Miles Snake Plant with your coworker’s favorite coffee. Special holiday-themed flavors from Cafe Ole by H-E-B like Candy Cane or Pan Dulce are especially festive!

Pet Lover: Peperomia Plant and Pet Accessories

Is there a recipient on your list this year that recently brought home a new pet or has a house full of four-legged family members? Consider gifting them a pet-friendly plant option like a peperomia. This perky little plant, also known as a “baby rubber tree”, has attractive variegated leaves and is a low-maintenance plant perfect for newbies and experienced green thumbs, alike.

A pet-friendly pepromia plant from Max & Miles will pair perfectly with any item from H-E-B’s Holiday Gift Guide for Pets. Adorable holiday-themed pet toys, beds, treats, and more will delight your gift recipient and their furry friends.

Teacher or Caregiver: Orchids and Gourmet Chocolates

Thank those who have such a big impact on you and/or your children’s lives. Max & Miles orchids are not only easy to care for with their simple watering instructions but are beautiful and long-lasting. Just three ice cubes, once a week, keeps our 5” orchids happy, healthy and blooming for months. Mini orchids also make an easy gift to grab as a quick stocking stuffer!

Pair a luxurious Phaleanopsis orchid plant gift with something just as splendid, chocolate! Who wouldn’t appreciate specialty chocolate gifts that they can enjoy throughout the holiday season? Help those who don’t always take time for themselves indulge in some of life’s simple pleasures!

Host or Hostess Gift: Anthurium and Appetizer

The bright red blooms of the anthurium are a perfect sentiment of festive cheer. Considered a symbol of hospitality, an anthurium is a wonderful way to thank your host for opening their home to you this holiday season. The anthurium is the longest blooming plant and will bloom continuously when cared for with its simple instructions: six ice cubes or 1/2 cup water per week. What a wonderful gift for your host to enjoy long after the Christmas holiday.

A welcome offering for any host or hostess is a gift that makes hosting their event easier. Stop by H-E-B to pick up a prepared appetizer for the gathering. Your host will surely appreciate one less dish they need to make. Consider touching base with your host ahead of time to let them know what dish you will bring or if they have any specific needs. With prepared platters, dips, and delectable party trays to choose from, everyone at the gathering will be thanking you for your contribution.

For more Max & Miles plant gift ideas, check out our Plant Holiday Gift Guide! What's your favorite last-minute plant gift from H-E-B? Share with us on Instagram @maxandmilesplants!