We believe that plants are an extension of your personality and style, so we’re always keeping up to date on trends to keep your plant collection up to date and as gorgeous as ever. 

While our unique plants are a great way to show off your personality with striking leaves and blooms, there’s another factor to our collection too: pots! To kick off a new season in 2024, you’ll see your Max & Miles faves nestled into an all-new collection of pots to further show off your sweet style. 

Why New Pots? 

Each year we like to change things up a bit and keep things fresh! 

Andy, the H-E-B Blooms Design and Development Manager says, “We refresh the pots for the Max & Miles line annually to keep things fresh and trend forward. We follow design trends globally to keep everything in the Blooms Departments up to date with the styles, patterns, and colors that our customers want to see.”

Whether you’re a Max or a Miles, these pots are stunning and we can’t wait for you to collect them all!