We love how you love our plants! We see your pictures on social and we appreciate how loyal you are to Max & Miles.  

We wanted to reflect on 2023 and see which plants you loved the most and what you think are the best of the past year. We looked back at our sales in 2023 and saw that you all are creatures of habit and love certain plants.  

Plus, we are so curious to see if you agree that these really are your favorites!  

Number 1 item: Tabletop Orchid 

This was your most purchased plant of 2023! It’s not a surprise to us either. We love our Tabletop Orchid. It’s the perfect size, is great for décor or as a gift and comes in several colors to fit well in any space.  

Number 2 item: Premium Orchid 

Next up was our Premium Orchid. A bit larger than our Tabletop Orchid, this one makes a statement! It’s also great for décor or a gift, but just bigger! This plant also comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect item for Mother’s Day, Easter and the holidays. 

Number 3 item: Mini Orchid 

Keeping on trend with the first two items, your next favorite was the Mini Orchid. It’s our smallest size, but still a showstopper! If you can’t pick just one, it’s great to grab a few to decorate with our place throughout your home for a touch of nature in every room.  

Number 4 item: Mini Succulent  

The first green on the list! Honestly, this one isn’t a surprise to us at all because who doesn’t love a succulent? Especially if it’s miniature! Our Mini Succulent (which comes in several varieties) was next on the list, which makes sense! They’re easy to care for all year long and are adorable to place all throughout your home. 

Number 5 item: Succulent  

Our last item on the list is just a larger version of Number 4! Our regular size succulent rounds out the top 5 most loved Max & Miles plants, which makes us happy to see that you love the regular succulents almost as much as the mini! The same easy care as our minis, we are totally on board with this being a customer favorite!  

What’s your favorite Max and Miles plant? Do you agree with our list of the best plants of 2023, or do you have another favorite? We’d love to hear about it, so please tag us on social every time you buy a Max & Miles plant!