If you’ve had a Phalaenopsis Orchid for a few months, you’ve probably noticed the blooms falling off. This is a normal part of the orchid life cycle and means your orchid is going to spend some time resting and growing its roots and leaves before it reblooms. We’ve talked about dormancy and reblooming before, but what should you do with your orchid while it’s dormant? 

How to Keep Your Orchid Beautiful Between Blooms 

While your orchid is in its resting phase, your beautiful blooms are gone but you can still keep your orchid’s bright green leaves on display! Here are some ideas on how to keep your orchid sitting pretty while you wait for new blooms. 

Add Your Own Art

The decorative moss sheet in your glass pot can be removed and replaced with a new insert of your own making! Trace the shape of the insert over the artwork you want to place in your pot and cut it out. Now you have a brand new insert for your glass orchid pot and you can swap it out for new art whenever you choose. 

Add Other Plants

While your orchid is sporting its greens, add other plants around it so that it’s part of a display instead of being a focal point all on its own. A bold anthurium or bromeliad will add a pop of color, or a variety of foliage plants can bring a focus on the different textures, shapes, and sizes of greenery surrounding your orchid. 

Add a New Pot

You can also spruce up the pot your orchid is in while it’s resting! The best time to repot your orchid is during dormancy, as a change in environment can result in early bloom loss. Orchids should be repotted every year or so, so if this is your first dormant phase you don’t need to do a full repot. But you can go shopping for a new decorative pot for your orchid and swap out the original for something new to keep things seasonal and festive for your decor! 

Orchid Care During Dormancy

While your orchid is resting, continue to water regularly with three ice cubes per week for a 5” orchid. You can also fertilize every other week with a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength. Don’t water with ice on the weeks you fertilize, since the fertilizer will have water and will hydrate your orchid’s roots on its own. 

Happy Resting!

While your orchid rests, it’s a good reminder that all things come in seasons. Make sure you find ways to rest yourself too.