Preparing for Thanksgiving can be a headache, but planning your seasonal celebrations can be made simple with help from Max and Miles by HEB! 

Decorate with Plants

Obviously! Brighten up your dining table with Max’s bold colored orchids and anthuriums, and provide some relaxed vibes with Miles’ trailing vines. 

You can use plants as a centerpiece on the table, decorate your entertaining spaces, or liven up the kitchen with beautiful houseplants in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Feast on Plants 

It’s easy to make simple swaps to turn your favorite Thanksgiving foods into plant-based alternatives. This is a great way to make vegetarian friends and family feel welcome at your table, and you won’t notice a difference. 

Try the following Thanksgiving recipes with these easy alternatives:

Cornbread Dressing: Swap the chicken broth for veggie and this is a 100% plant-based side that will impress everyone at the table. 

Cranberry Orange Relish: This one’s already vegan-friendly. Great job! 

Spicy Peppered Sweet Potatoes: This one is too! 

Green Beans with Mushrooms: Just make sure the bread crumbs you use don’t contain any egg or dairy products and this is a delicious take on green bean casserole made with fresh ingredients that is totally plant-based. 

Create a Plant Tradition

Use your favorite foliage plant as a new Thanksgiving tradition for your family. Rather than the traditional “say what you’re thankful for” circle around the table, pour some water into the pot with each person’s gratitude to symbolize the growth of their thanks and invite new blessings for the following year. 

Give Thanks 

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