Succulents. You either love them because they’re so easy to care for or you have a rocky relationship with them because you just can’t seem to figure out how to keep them happy. If you’re guilty of being the latter, we’re here to erase all of your succulent fears and give you some quick tips to keep your succulents thriving and maybe even rekindle your love for them! 

How to Care for Succulents 

Light: Succulents need bright, indirect light so place them in a sunny room or windowsill but avoid placing them directly in the sunlight. If your succulent gets dark spots, it may be sunburned, and if it stretches upward, it needs more light. 

Temperature: Stick to room temperature and avoid drafts. Succulents can tolerate getting a little warmer (into the 80s), but avoid anything less than about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Water: Let your succulent dry completely between waterings, and try watering from the bottom up. Pop out the plastic pot and pour about an inch of water into the decorative outer pot. Replace the plastic pot back inside and the roots and soil will absorb water from the bottom up, which helps strengthen your succulent’s root system. On average you only need to water about once every three weeks. 

Succulent Watering Tips

Our care instructions for succulents seem pretty simple: Bright, indirect light. Keep around room temperature. And an inch of water every few weeks or so. Couldn’t be any clearer, right?

Clarification on our watering instructions for succulents are some of the top questions we get to our email inbox and Instagram DMs. And we get it - it’s a little confusing to tell you to water with an inch of water. So we are here to clear things up and provide more information on bottom watering! 

That’s right - that inch of water goes in the bottom of your pot. The inch of water trick is a form of bottom watering that mimics the way we water in the greenhouse by flooding tables of plants with water and then allowing them to drain. By watering from the bottom of the pot instead of pouring water into the top, the roots sense the water below and have to reach for it! This helps them grow bigger and stronger. 

How to Bottom Water Succulents

To water your succulent, take a peek into the pot. See the black plastic pot that actually contains the soil? Pop that bad boy out of the decorative pot. While it’s out, check out the bottom of it - you’ll see drainage holes at the bottom where you can check on your roots. If they’re growing out of the holes, your succulent is rootbound and it’s time to repot! 

Now that your grower pot is out of the clay pot, it’s time to water. Pour water into the empty clay pot - about an inch deep. Then, place the grower pot back into the pot, where it will soak up the water. 

Pro Tip: If you have multiple plants you want to bottom water, you can place multiple grower pots into a dish or tub of water and let them soak for 20-30 minutes before taking them out and putting them back in their pots. 

When to Water Succulents

Always let your succulents dry out between waterings. They hold onto water in their plump leaves, so err on the side of underwatering. You’ll know they need water if the soil is completely dry and the leaves are starting to wilt. 

In the warm Texas weather, particularly in the summer months, you may need to water a bit more frequently (once every 2-3 weeks) versus the cooler seasons when you will probably water only every 3-4 weeks. You’ll need to water more frequently if your succulent is outside during the summer. Just be sure to protect them from harsh sunlight- nobody likes a bad sunburn, not even a sun-loving succulent!

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