If you’ve been working from home, now is the time to upgrade your home office. It can help you focus better, improve your overall mood, and make you look forward to work when you know your work space was designed with you in mind.

Home Office Decor Tips from Max 

If you’re a Max, you love bold, bright colors and patterns. Your office should reflect this part of your personality! 

Decorate Your Walls

Hang a bold piece of art on the wall, or if you have any leftover paint from home DIY projects, paint an accent wall in your office in a color you love. You can even look for removable wallpaper to add a quick pop of your favorite print on a wall. 

Decorate Your Desk

Use a patterned contact paper to give your desk drawers a makeover that will make you smile every time you open them. You can use the same contact paper as the background in your photo frames to coordinate! 

The Best Plants for Your Home Office 

Long lasting plants like orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums, and orchids are a great way to add greenery and a touch of living decor to your home office space. Research shows that plants help improve your happiness and productivity, which is especially important when you work from home and need to focus! 

Home Office Design Tips from Miles

A Miles personality is more relaxed and wants a calm workspace to focus and collect their thoughts. Here are Miles’ tips to help you decorate your home office. 

Decorate Your Walls

To inspire focus and design a space that feels calm and collected, paint home office walls with a subdued color like blue or gray. If you can’t paint, try hanging photos or art with motivational quotes or images that inspire you. If you want to create a tranquil space, create tranquil imagery so you come into your office with a sense of peace. 

Decorate Your Desk

Remove clutter so that your desk is equipped with the necessities and things that you find beautiful or calming. You may even want to add a white noise machine to provide some background noise and reduce distractions. 

Decorate Your Home Office with Plants 

Miles’ plants include foliage and succulents, so choose some easy care varieties from your local H-E-B to complete your mindful desk decor. Succulents are great if you have a sunny office, otherwise stick to easy care foliage like pothos, spider plants, and snake plants, all of which can thrive in varied light levels so they’ll be perfect for any home office! 

Get to Work (From Home!)

We can’t wait to see what you whip up for your home office.

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