Are you looking to add to your plant collection but want to make sure your choices are on trend? We’re here to help. 

It’s fun to incorporate your plants into your décor, so let’s talk through some of the current plant trends so you can make sure your greenery is trendy.  

One of the biggest trends to point out is just plants in general! Right now, post-pandemic, plants and nature inside the home are extremely on trend. Bringing elements of the outside in is very stylish. It’s fun to mix fresh, lively plants with your other décor to really level up your space.  

When it comes to specifics, there are a few types of plants that trend experts are really leaning into right now.  

With conservation and being environmentally friendly in mind in 2023 and 2024, drought-tolerant plants are very trendy. Since they don’t need much water, they’re mostly self-sufficient and great for the planet.  ZZ plants and Snake plants (Sansevieria) would both fit into this category. Plus, the vertical growth of both plants adds some height to any space.  

Spider plants are very on trend too. Not only are they easy to care for, but as they grow, they add great depth and texture to any space. They do well in hanging baskets and can handle limited care, if you’re spending more time away from your home in the summer months.  

A constant favorite is on trend this year too. Cacti and succulents! They love sun, so they’re great for summer, they only need water about once a month, and depending on where you live, they can move outside to mix into your outdoor décor.  

Another trend that isn’t plant specific, is not clustering plants. While some people love keeping all their plants together, stylists say it’s great to spread your plant love throughout your space! Not only do many houseplants purify the air (great for a home office or bedroom), but they bring natural textures to your space. 

Lastly, another trend you’ll be seeing all over is unique texture and patterns. Plants like Black Velvet Alocasias with their soft leaves and Pink Princess Philodendrons, with their unique variegation, are a great way to use a plant as a statement piece in your home! 

What’s your favorite trend? Let us know here or on social.