Starting February 17, celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week for seven days of selfless acts wherever you go. Doing good deeds and random acts of kindness can help boost your own mood as well as add a positive touch to a stranger’s day! We’ve got some ideas for you to pay it forward and spread cheer. 

Random Acts of Kindness at Work

Max likes to stand out and take charge with acts of kindness like: 

  • Invite someone out for lunch or coffee that you don’t normally spend time with (and pay for theirs!) 
  • Bring surprise snacks for a big meeting 
  • Work with the boss to plan a team outing for an afternoon 

Miles likes to keep things a little more behind the scenes and prefers acts of kindness like:

  • Write an encouraging note about the things you admire in each coworker on your team
  • Give someone a potted plant for their desk 
  • Offer to take everyone’s recycling to the bin 

Random Acts of Kindness During Your Day

Be a Max with big gestures like: 

  • Pay it forward in a fast food drive-thru and pay for the person behind you 
  • Bring a potted plant to a local business that you frequent in your neighborhood to thank them for their service 

Or embrace your inner Miles with these small selfless acts:

  • Put change in someone’s parking meter if they’re almost out 
  • Hold doors open for those coming into a building behind you 
  • Pick up litter on the street and throw it away 

Random Acts of Kindness for Loved Ones 

Max and Miles both love to support their loved ones and you can take on any of these ideas with your own Max or Miles flair: 

  • Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to lately for a chat to catch up
  • Send your loved one a card to let them know you’re thinking of them 
  • Pick up your significant other’s favorite snack or meal on the way home 

Random Acts of Kindness for Animals

Whether you’re a Max or Miles, sharing your love of animals is easy to do with these great ideas:

  • Sign up to be a volunteer dog walker for a local shelter
  • Gather up old towels and linens to donate to an animal shelter 
  • Create an outdoor shelter for stray cats who live near your home 

What other random acts of kindness can you think of?