Did you know National Pet Day is coming up soon? It was founded in 2006 to appreciate pets and to highlight opportunities to help animals in shelters. In advance of National Pet Day on April 11, we rounded up a list of all of our pet friendly plants, so that you can celebrate your love of your furry friends as well as your love of house plants!

Max’s Pet Friendly Plants

Phalaenopsis Orchid


Money Tree

Miles’ Pet Friendly Plants

The following foliage and succulent plants are considered non-toxic to animals, so it’s okay if your furry friend gets curious.

Spider Plant

Peperomia (Baby Rubber Plant)

Fittonia (Nerve Plant)

Fluffy Ruffles Fern

Echeveria Succulent

Gasteria Succulent

Haworthia Succulent

Peperomia Succulent

Need a Plant ID?

Sometimes a new plant hits stores before it hits our website, so you can always send us a message or email with a photo of your plant for a proper identification. When in doubt about the toxicity of a plant, check the ASPCA website for their list of toxic and non-toxic houseplants.

Helping Animals in Need

Spend some extra cuddle time with your pets for National Pet Day, but if you can, it’s wonderful to make a donation or volunteer with your local shelters and rescues too! Check your local pet shelters and sanctuaries for a list of goods they need to keep animals healthy and happy. You can usually donate used linens, towels, and blankets, or you can pick up some bags of food, treats, and toys at your local pet store. The store may even have a donation bin at checkout, so you don’t have to make a second trip.

Happy National Pet Day

We’d love to see your furry friends getting along with your Max and Miles plants, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @maxandmilesplants for a chance to be regrammed and featured on our feed.